What happened to "The Buck Stops Here"!!!!!!!

President Truman must be rolling in his grave.  We have become a society enthralled with the notion that responsibility lies…… way over there.  Burn yourself on HOT coffee at McDonalds?  Easy, just sue them for serving you hot coffee.  Suffer hearing loss from listening to your iPod to loud?  No problem, stick it to Apple for creating ADJUSTABLE volume controls.

Now this one may be a stretch, but if you find yourself unable to make those mortgage payments because you bought a house that you cannot afford or lied on your stated income form or thought an ARM loan was the best thing since sliced bread then all you have to do is foreclose and then blame it on those evils banks.

I won’t comment on President Bush’s lack of ownership on his administration’s actions.  I don’t want to send the terrorists “mixed signals” or “embolden” them anymore.

What I will comment on is the serious lack of responsibility we as a nation are taking with so many aspects of our lives.  What happened to saying, damn I shouldn’t have done that instead of I got hurt because YOU let me?  When did it become someone else’s responsibility for your actions?  The logic behind blaming someone else for your actions is so backwards that I just can’t fathom that it should be pointed out and much less explained!

It would sound pretty absurd (and stupid) if I told my son (hypothetical son) to run across the street without looking and if he gets hit by a car then we will sue the driver.  It would also be foolhardy for me to visit an internet chat forum to get anonymous stock tips, make investment decisions based on those tips, lose my shirt, and then complain to the government that I should get my money back.

Now that I think about it, I’m rolling around in my sleep wondering who is going to sue me for breaking into my home, stealing one of my dinner forks and then shoving it into an electric socket!  I wonder if I can get some kind of ‘Stupidity’ insurance.

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