Jose Lionel Velez

Jose Lionel Velez

This is my personal space for publishing my thoughts and opinions about what goes on in the financial markets, politics, the economy, society, technology and so on. I do not write as often as I would like but that is a work in progress.

My opinions and views are intended only to engage in conversations regarding those issues, ideas, or areas that most interest me. Those views are not static but always evolving as I learn more from both the material I am exposed to but also the discussions that I engage in with friends, family and anyone else capable of participating in an intelligent conversation aimed at finding common ground and understanding each others’ point of view.

With that said if I have written anything that someone finds offensive or untrue I ask that they contact me to discuss. I have absolutely no desire to offend anyone or misrepresent anything I write about. As I have been writing for several years now I realize that some of my views may have changed and may be different from what they where when I originally wrote. While it may be convenient to update some of those posts to reflect my current views or beliefs I would rather keep them as originally written as a way for me to document my growth as a person who is interested in relevant discussions of the day and not imposing my views or beliefs with little regard towards merit or truth. It also helps me see where I have changed on positions and understand what my view was at that time.

I received my degree in economics from the University of Texas at Dallas School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences in 2006.

Feedback is much appreciated!