Lone Star State is a Pretty Good Place to Live & Work

Forbes reports that Texas has three of the best cities to work in the nation.  Dallas, Houston and Austin are among the top cities to earn a living while also keeping living costs down.   Being a native Texan for many years it has never been lost on me how inexpensive Dallas is compared to cities like Seattle, New York and L.A.  The cost of living in those cites has been a game changer for me at least twice during my career. 

There are some interesting things to think about and perspectives to ponder.

  • If I were a policymaker in a competing state I would probably want to take a close look at my home state and how it compares to to Texas.  I would be interested in finding ways to attract more employers and job hunters.

  • Which came first? The chicken or the egg?  Did these employers setup shop here because of a good stock of skilled talent or whas the initial move a cost-benefit one where taxes and state provided incentives were offered?

  • Forbes did not publish (or at least I did not see it) their data tables but I would be interested to see how each city in their list ranked in terms of transportation options.
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