Global Economic Stability Over the Next 10 Years

I’d like to begin a conversation about the outlook for global economic stability over the next decade. Specifically, I have in mind analyzing a group of individual countries and considering the possible outcomes that would result from a severe economic slowdown or failure of each – independently. What would happen if China ran into serious trouble? What impact might the negative national savings rate in the U.S. have on the global economy if it cripples the U.S. economy? Here is what I have in mind:

1. China:

a. The Currency Issue

b. Internal inflationary pressures

c. The Chinese export infrastructure and its role in economic growth.

2. The U.S.:

a. Wagflation

b. Deficit Spending

c. Widening account deficit

d. Slowing housing market

3. India:

a. _______

4. Germany:

a. _______

5. Japan:

a. _______

As you can see, I have many blanks to fill in. I want to build a somewhat comprehensive analysis based upon separate country analyses. This would be an interesting little project to undergo. At the least, I get to learn more about my global neighbors. Check in later. If you’d like to pitch in and help me research one of these countries let me know.

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