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WEF: Property Taxes & Consumer Spending

The World Economic Forum just released a paper titled, “How do property tax rises affect consumer spending?“.  The paper looks at the impact that a rise in property taxes has on consumer spending.  It used a recent change in Italian … Continue reading

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The Fed Continues Monetary Policy of ‘Accommodation’

The Federal Reserve has just announced that it will continue its policy of purchasing $85 billion worth of mortgage backed securities and Treasury securities each month.  Perhaps I was too optimistic but I was expecting the Fed to announce the … Continue reading

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Offshore Tax Havens: A Good Time to Reconsider

The Times reports today that France has obtained a list of 3,000 account holders at Swiss banks.  This is only days after France and Switzerland reached an agreement to exchange information on French citizens who hold Swiss bank accounts.  Just … Continue reading

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Global Economic Stability Over the Next 10 Years

I’d like to begin a conversation about the outlook for global economic stability over the next decade. Specifically, I have in mind analyzing a group of individual countries and considering the possible outcomes that would result from a severe economic … Continue reading

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