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The slowdown in China and what it could mean for Brazil.

The May/June issue of Foreign Affairs has an insightful analysis about the slowdown in China and what it could mean for Brazil’s economy. As most are aware, China has built an export oriented machine over the last decade that has … Continue reading

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Energy Aware Internet Routing

Technology Review reports today about a new energy aware internet routing process.  Some folks at MIT, Carnegie Mellon and Akamai looked into energy price fluctuations and data center loads across the country to see if there could be any cost savings to rerouting data … Continue reading

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Using Credit Checks for Employee Screening – Slippery Slope

The Times and NPR have written recently about employers using credit checks as an additional means to screen potential new hires.  I’ve heard about these on rare occasion but it seems that a trend may be developing whereby one’s personal … Continue reading

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Economies of Geography???

I’ve been tossing a notion around for some time now and it is something that comes up in the public discussion every now and then.  Up until this point I had really limited it to the food industry but after reading … Continue reading

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Bailing out the Big 3

I am sure others have noticed by now that the discussion about bailing out our Big 3 auto firms reliably ends up with GM being the focus of attention. I think there is something to be said about this. It … Continue reading

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Just pondering…

Just pondering here… my ability to articulate these thoughts in a clear and comprehensive way are lacking right now but bear with me – these are interesting things to consider.. Let’s talk about the current financial situation going on globally … Continue reading

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Zero Sum Real Estate

Back in the late 90’s and early 2000 the rage was making a quick buck in the stock market. You could throw a dart at a moving stock ticker and still make money. Authors, talk show hosts, and other ‘experts’ … Continue reading

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