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WEF: Property Taxes & Consumer Spending

The World Economic Forum just released a paper titled, “How do property tax rises affect consumer spending?“.  The paper looks at the impact that a rise in property taxes has on consumer spending.  It used a recent change in Italian … Continue reading

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Lone Star State is a Pretty Good Place to Live & Work

Forbes reports that Texas has three of the best cities to work in the nation.  Dallas, Houston and Austin are among the top cities to earn a living while also keeping living costs down.   Being a native Texan for many … Continue reading

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Energy Aware Internet Routing

Technology Review reports today about a new energy aware internet routing process.  Some folks at MIT, Carnegie Mellon and Akamai looked into energy price fluctuations and data center loads across the country to see if there could be any cost savings to rerouting data … Continue reading

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News that is not new????

I cannot help but notice the unending stream of repetitive news reports commenting about how housing prices are falling and sales are declining.  Every time I read one of these reports I find myself asking, “Who writes these things?  Are … Continue reading

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In Defense of Economists

I read a blurb today in the Wall Street Journal about economists expecting a weak housing market.  One of the commenters remarked how economists can never seem to get their forecasts right and I just had to respond.  I thought … Continue reading

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Zero Sum Real Estate

Back in the late 90’s and early 2000 the rage was making a quick buck in the stock market. You could throw a dart at a moving stock ticker and still make money. Authors, talk show hosts, and other ‘experts’ … Continue reading

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What happened to "The Buck Stops Here"!!!!!!!

President Truman must be rolling in his grave.  We have become a society enthralled with the notion that responsibility lies…… way over there.  Burn yourself on HOT coffee at McDonalds?  Easy, just sue them for serving you hot coffee.  Suffer … Continue reading

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