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Lets get this settled, economists are not weather forecasters. They are forward thinkers, and you should listen to what they have to say.

The lines below are mostly a response to opinions expressed by a few close friends after many vigorous debates over the value that economists provide and the role that they offer in the current discussion about income inequality… To my dear friend who contends … Continue reading

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Is there a storm coming?

Anyone who has spent some time in a sailboat will have an appreciation for the ‘calm before the storm’.  It is a brief moment that is simultaneously peaceful and unsettling; there is no mistaking it. Everything slows down and the … Continue reading

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The slowdown in China and what it could mean for Brazil.

The May/June issue of Foreign Affairs has an insightful analysis about the slowdown in China and what it could mean for Brazil’s economy. As most are aware, China has built an export oriented machine over the last decade that has … Continue reading

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Offshore Tax Havens: A Good Time to Reconsider

The Times reports today that France has obtained a list of 3,000 account holders at Swiss banks.  This is only days after France and Switzerland reached an agreement to exchange information on French citizens who hold Swiss bank accounts.  Just … Continue reading

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Economies of Geography???

I’ve been tossing a notion around for some time now and it is something that comes up in the public discussion every now and then.  Up until this point I had really limited it to the food industry but after reading … Continue reading

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Some Lessons for Protectionists

The New York Times just published an article that could be a great case study for those clamoring towards protectionist policies. Every time I decide to blog something about this issue I can’t get over how anyone could take issue … Continue reading

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Global Economic Stability Over the Next 10 Years

I’d like to begin a conversation about the outlook for global economic stability over the next decade. Specifically, I have in mind analyzing a group of individual countries and considering the possible outcomes that would result from a severe economic … Continue reading

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