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You are too poor to invest…

I have a hypothetical question for you – if you tried to invest in an early stage start-up or perhaps fund a peer-to-peer loan and you were not allowed, simply because your bank account was not big enough, would it upset … Continue reading

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Is there a storm coming?

Anyone who has spent some time in a sailboat will have an appreciation for the ‘calm before the storm’.  It is a brief moment that is simultaneously peaceful and unsettling; there is no mistaking it. Everything slows down and the … Continue reading

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Tell the SEC to Modify the Accredited Investor Definition

Seedinvest has submitted comments to the SEC regarding the accredited investor definition.  They have an online petition form for those interested in signing and submitting to the SEC.  I highly recommend it, but you need to do so BEFORE JULY … Continue reading

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Money for Nothing – Watch this movie!

This is a movie every person should watch to get a better understanding of what the Federal Reserve is, the history behind it and the folks that drive monetary policy under its mandate to manage inflation and the unemployment rate. … Continue reading

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The Fed Continues Monetary Policy of ‘Accommodation’

The Federal Reserve has just announced that it will continue its policy of purchasing $85 billion worth of mortgage backed securities and Treasury securities each month.  Perhaps I was too optimistic but I was expecting the Fed to announce the … Continue reading

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P2P Lending: Lending Club Review – Follow Up

Back in June of last year I wrote about Lending Club.  It has been about 9 months and I am ready to offer my experience and opinion about the site and its value proposition to the average Jane and John Doe. … Continue reading

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P2P Lending: Experimenting with Lending Club

I’ve decided to dabble with Lending Club’s Note Trading platform.  I am skeptical that the secondary market will provide returns as good as those available to accredited investors who are able to originate the loans.  In fact, I think that … Continue reading

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