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I received my degree in economics and finance from the University of Texas at Dallas School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences in 2006. Since then I have worked within the energy industry focusing on regulatory and environmental issues.

Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey hits 6 Year Low

The most recent results from the Dallas Fed’s Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey ran across my Twitter feed and it got my attention.  The first thing I noticed was that their chart began around the middle of 2008. I always like … Continue reading

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Tyler Cowen’s comments on income inequality and technology… I disagree

I just read Tyler Cowen’s comments in the International New York Times Upshot piece titled, “How Technology Could Help Fight Income Inequality“, and I could not make it past the second paragraph before the words came rushing out of my … Continue reading

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Folks, secure your digital life!

Folks, Securing your digital life is becoming increasingly more important. Too much of our life, and the information that is part of it, is somehow or somewhere online. This is not something that should scare you, but it should be … Continue reading

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Is there a storm coming?

Anyone who has spent some time in a sailboat will have an appreciation for the ‘calm before the storm’.  It is a brief moment that is simultaneously peaceful and unsettling; there is no mistaking it. Everything slows down and the … Continue reading

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Tell the SEC to Modify the Accredited Investor Definition

Seedinvest has submitted comments to the SEC regarding the accredited investor definition.  They have an online petition form for those interested in signing and submitting to the SEC.  I highly recommend it, but you need to do so BEFORE JULY … Continue reading

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Stock-Vacancy Ratio: Lowest Reading Since 2000

After updating my chart with the most recent JOLTS data from the BLS, I noticed that the Stock-Vacancy Ratio is currently at a historic low – at 1.06, beating the 1.09 reading in 2000. What does this mean? That is … Continue reading

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Money for Nothing – Watch this movie!

This is a movie every person should watch to get a better understanding of what the Federal Reserve is, the history behind it and the folks that drive monetary policy under its mandate to manage inflation and the unemployment rate. … Continue reading

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